We are building a professional community bringing together experts from across the property industry including development, architecture and interior design. Whether you are a general contractor, a real estate broker or an interior designer, you will fit just right in!



Whether a part of a firm or freelance, architects create their projects, meet with clients and find partners at Domus Crown.

Interior Designers

Interior designers have special love for Domus Crown as this is the place to be inspired! Vibrant professional community, lively location and elegant style of the place is all you need to create amazing projects.

Property Developers

Property professionals hub gives developers at Domus Crown valuable connections and effective collaborations.

Real Estate Advisors

Constant networking and an opportunity to hold private meetings make Domus Crown a great asset for any real estate advisor.

Project Managers

Being a mecca of property development professionals, Domus Crown is a place to be for every project manager as it gives unlimited opportunities to make connections and find partners.

Family Office Asset Managers

Our family office asset managers are in the center of the property industry to engage, estimate and help clients run their businesses.

Private Equity Professionals

For private equity professionals, Domus Crown is an elegant place in a vibrant location where they hold meetings with most sophisticated clients.


Hospitality industry professionals, such as hoteliers, make new deals and find great partners within the Domus Crown community.

and many more!



Family Office Asset Manager

“As a family office asset manager, I always need to ensure that my meetings are held in a place of appropriate status as everything I do builds reputation of my client. Domus Crown became a perfect solution for me due to its stunning interior and perfect location – situated in the heart of it all in London, it is the place to make deals with most affluent part of society”.

11 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HH

0207 245 7300

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